In addition to its many physical benefits, dance is known to improve children’s self-confidence, focus and discipline. Dance classes allow young children to explore their creativity and help them to develop self-expression and an appreciation for the arts. Whether your child is looking to pursue a passion for creative movement or to take their dancing to a competitive level,

Revolution Dance Company has a program for every dancer.



Give your child the opportunity to explore their love for dance and music while improving their fitness and having fun!

Our recreational programs are taught by highly trained and passionate instructors who are experts in their styles.

Whether you are looking for an upbeat funky class or something more technical we have a class for every dancer.


Recreational classes are offered in jazz, acrobatics ballet, tap and hip hop. All recreational dancers will perform in the RDC year end recital.

Dance Styles

Unsure about which dance style will suit your child best?


This classical dance form focuses on precise steps with gestures and movements of grace and fluidity. 


One of the most popular and energetic forms of dance. Jazz dance combines the technique learned in Ballet and translates it into faster more stylized movements.
*Ballet highly  recommended


 This dance form teaches rhythm, timing and musicality all while having fun and making music with your feet!


Acrobatics, or ‘acro’, is a dance style that focuses on balances, trick variations and tumbling.  
*Jazz highly  recommended

Hip Hop

This popular style of dance is seen in many of today’s music videos. Learn all of the latest dance trends and dance along with your favourite pop stars.


A combination of Jazz and Ballet put together in an expressive style that is usually danced to slower paced music.

Age Levels

Your child will be placed in a recreational class according to their age and experience. 


Intro (Age 3-4 Years)

30 minute Introduction to Dance classes offered in Ballet, Jazz and Acro. Familiarizes students with movement to music and the structure of a dance class.


Mini (Age 5-6 Years)

45 minute classes offered in Ballet, Jazz, Acro, Tap and Hip Hop.

Junior (Age 7-9 Years)

1 hour classes offered in Ballet, Jazz, Acro, Tap and Hip Hop


Intermediate (Age 10-13 Years)

1 hour classes offered in Ballet, Jazz, Acro, Tap and Hip Hop


Teen (14+ Years)

1 hour classes offered in Ballet, Jazz, Acro, Tap, Hip Hop and Contemporary

Fall 2019-2020 Recreational Schedule

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